Tampa Wind Mitigation Inspection

Most Tampa homeowners can save up to 60% off their rates by providing documentation on structural features and construction methods proven to reduce the devastating damage of severe weather.  State law in Florida requires insurers to discount insurance rates for eligible homes, as there is evidence that certain wind-resistant elements reduce damage in high winds.  However, many Tampa homeowners are not aware of the state law; still others are not sure how to go about qualifying for these savings.  

Engaging Tampa Wind Inspection Professionals to conduct a Wind Mitigation Inspection is the first step towards determining the presence of wind resistant features, and ultimately taking advantage of huge savings on insurance costs.  Our inspection experts conduct a thorough assessment into whether your Tampa home incorporates the structural features and construction methods that comply with state standards.  

After the examination, our certified inspection specialist will quickly follow up with the paperwork homeowners need to establish their eligibility.  The inspection report is also sent to the insurance company so that your agent can calculate the appropriate rate discounts.  You can’t afford to wait:  Contact Tampa Wind Inspection Professionals to find out more and schedule your Wind Mitigation Inspection today.

Installing wind-resistive features on your home might be costly but the advantages far outweigh the cost. For one, having these on your home and property could greatly reduce the damage that would otherwise be incurred if a strong windstorm or hurricane were to sweep over Tampa. This translates to increased security and safety for you and your family during harsh weather conditions that might have the capacity to cause bodily harm or damage should the situation escalate. Aside from this, you also have the wind mitigation discounts to think about.

Florida law states that insurance companies must grant discounts to Tampa residents who have wind-resistant features on their home. To avail of these accounts, there are minimum qualifications that your home must meet. This where the Tampa Home Inspection Professionals come into the picture. Our certified inspectors will check and perform the wind mitigation inspection that could reduce your wind mitigation insurance premiums by up to 45%.

Windstorms are very damaging to your home for many reasons. Strong winds will assault your home through lifting, shearing, and lateral forces that will cause massive destruction to your house and property. Harsh conditions might also cause damage to your doors and windows, allowing the water to enter and further damage the inside of your home.

The wind mitigation inspection will begin with a Tampa Home Inspection Professional doing a quick visual check on the property before looking for key features that will make damage less likely during windstorms on your home. These features include the presence of gable end bracing, a hip roof, a concrete block construction, single or double roof straps, the installation of any secondary water resistance barriers, which will help you obtain that certification for the wind mitigation insurance.

  • Wind Mitigation

    Save $$$$
    Start saving big today!  Homeowners in Tampa may qualify for insurance premium reductions up to 60% off the rates they pay now.  Contact Tampa Wind Inspection Professionals today to schedule a Wind Mitigation Inspection and for more information.


    Most homes in the Tampa area are eligible for reductions on homeowners insurance premiums up to 60% off.  These discount apply to homes that incorporate certain wind resistant features, either structural reinforcements or construction methods.  These presence of these items tends to provide added protection against severe weather, which results in less damage to the home and lowered costs of repair.  

    State law in Florida requires insurance companies to reduce homeowners insurance premiums, yet many Tampa homeowners aren’t aware of the regulations.  Others simply do not know how to capture these savings.  A Wind Mitigation Inspection assists homeowners in assessing whether their home is eligible for insurance premium discounts, and proper follow up will include preparation of the documentation insurers require to apply the discounts.  To find out more and schedule an appointment for a Wind Mitigation Inspection, contact Tampa Wind Inspection Professionals right away.

  • Four Point Inspection

    Older home?
    Know the risk for peace of mind.  Even a well-maintained Tampa home suffers from structural issues and deterioration after 25 years of normal wear and tear.  Find out how the years have treated your older home with a Four Point Inspection from Tampa Wind Inspection Professionals.


    When an insurance company requires a Four Point Inspection on a home that is 25 years or older, this is because they need to understand risk before issuing a homeowners insurance policy.  The insurer must weigh and analyze concerns about the remaining service years and general condition of four major systems in a residence.  

    The roof, plumbing system, electrical components and HVAC are the areas of an older home that are most likely to show signs of deterioration and wear in certain ways over time.  The weather in Tampa affects these systems as much as use over several years.  It just so happens that these are the points that are most likely to cost insurers significant expenses for replacement or repair if damage does occur.  With a Four Point Inspection from Tampa Wind Inspection Professionals, homeowners and insurance companies can understand the condition of these elements and appreciate the effects of wear and tear.

  • Roof Inspection

    No house without a roof!

    No such thing as a simple leak.  The average Tampa homeowner doesn’t think twice about their roof - as long as it’s keeping them dry.  A big mistake, considering most leaks don’t manifest themselves on the ceiling below until significant damage has already taken place.  Prevent big problems later by scheduling a Roof Inspection with Tampa Wind Inspection Professionals now.



    At times, a Four Point Inspection may prompt an insurance company to require a more comprehensive investigation into the roof of a home.  Because the roof is one of the most expensive and fundamental components to a home, insurers want to know more about the expected remaining service life and look into areas of weakness.

    A Roof Inspection is a more thorough and painstaking examination of the structural soundness and stability of this key feature of a home, and it provides an estimation how long the roof is capable of lasting in the Tampa environment.  A helpful roof assessment will also include information on how upgrades and preventative maintenance measures can help extend its life.  Tampa Wind Inspection Professionals provide homeowners and insurers the essential details they need with a comprehensive Roof Inspection.

  • Full Home Inspection

    Peace of mind!

    Benefit for both buyer and seller.  Closing day on a residential real estate transaction is no time to find out about issues with a home.  Full disclosure on the general condition of the residence is necessary for both parties during negotiations - or earlier.  A Full Home Inspection from Tampa Wind Inspection Professionals give an unbiased assessment for buyer and seller to avoid surprises later.


    When buyer and seller sit down to negotiate a residential real estate transaction, they need a full understanding of the general state, sturdiness and condition of the home’s major systems.  Both parties should have full disclosure on any areas of weakness or necessary repairs so that they can discuss fair market value responsibly and in the interests of fairness.  This transaction is likely the most significant one that many Americans will make, and attention to detail should be a paramount consideration. 

    A properly-timed Full Home Inspection avoids problems that can arise later, and it should be conducted as early as is practically possible.  A buyer should be aware of any structural problems, and a seller should know what factors weigh into their asking price.  With a Full Home Inspection from Tampa Wind Inspection Professionals, both parties have peace of mind knowing that they have been fully informed on the home’s condition.