About us

With over 100,000 home inspections statewide throughout Florida and six years of overwhelming success in the home inspection industry, our experts at Tampa Wind Inspection Professionals possess superior expertise and priceless experience.  Each of our inspection specialists is a licensed, highly trained professional that is forced to take continuing education coursework far beyond state requirements for the industry.  Our experts perform the most extensive, painstaking and wide-ranging home inspections to assure homeowners and insurers of conclusive accuracy. 

Besides the physical examination, our team appreciates the value of preparing an inspection report that incorporates every detail on the home’s condition.  We understand the insurance company’s requirements on documentation and paperwork formatting, which means fewer rejections and faster processing time on reductions for homeowners insurance premiums.  At Tampa Wind Inspection Professionals, we pride ourselves on delivering reports that have become acceptable by insurance companies throughout Florida, the equivalent of an industry-wide standard.  We are Florida’s home re-inspection leader.

If you need people who can do the job for you then look no further because the Tampa Home Inspection Professionals will be able to do everything that you need and more. We are duly certified and have been conducting inspections for years and delivering reports to hundreds of satisfied homeowners.

Tampa is home to a humid subtropical climate with hot days during the summer and frequent thunderstorms during fall. We've been in Tampa long enough to know that the sometimes adverse weather conditions could have a possibly damaging toll on your home and property. The Tampa Home Inspection Professionals serve to deliver and we will conduct the inspections that you will schedule with us in no time.